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Press photo
Caminando is the title the Flamenco Noir 2000 performance witch features the Barcelona dancer Juan Luis de Paula.

Juan Luis de Paula has performed throughout France and Spain and has collaborated with the master Antonio Gades.

Besides Juan Luis de Paula parcitipates Thierry Boisdon – voc, Stephan Jarl – perc. Christian Droulon – gui and JVF – gui.

Caminando was performed during the Festival of Aarhus and was warmly welcomed by the press:

“VIVA THE PASSION ...Furious, dashing and extravagant dance done with such an elegance and strength, that the audience at the Entré Scenen had to hold the breath… Flamenco is feast, joy, love, drama and passion – that you yourself can state if you go to the Entré Scenen tonight, where Flamenco Noir once again invites to a high class flamenco performance.”
Stig Matthiesen, JyllandsPosten