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Flamenco Noir presented their first Christmas flamencoconcert - Navidad Flamenca – in 1995, and now, after nine years it has become a returning decembertradition in Flamenco Noir.

As a concept Navidad Flamenca is inspired by the traditional Christmas-repertoire of the flamenco - the 'villancicos flamencos' - and arranged and formed by the group into a show with dance, singing and guitarmusic. The program consists in Spanish tunes and tunes composed by JVFjord.

Navidad Flamenca has made two albums, “Navidad Flamenca – spansk jul” from 1998, and “Navidad Flamenca – en Dinamarca” (Cope Records, 2004)

In the Navidad Flamenca concerts 2007 participates:
  • "la Marquesita" (Sevilla)- dance
  • María Scalvini and Olayo Jiménez (Barcelona) - vocals
  • Salva Zuazo (Cádiz) - guitar
  • Stephan Jarl - perc.
  • Jens Viggo Fjord - guitar

For a more detailed description of the music of the CD look under "news".
r>Concerts 2007:

12/12, Tobakken, Esbjerg
13/13, Portalen, Greve
14/12, Musikhuset, Aarhus