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Requiem Flamenco – and a hymn to life

Jens Viggo Fjord is composer of this untraditional version of the classical mass, Requiem. The work is done for soprano, flamencosinger, mixed choir, guitar and percussion. The Requiem is based on the old liturgical lyrics in Latin and Spanish, and “A hymn to Life” is composed on a poem by the danish poet Jørgen Gustava Brandt.

Musically is Requiem Flamenco both inspired by classical and flamenco. It contains a conscious use of the big contrats between the expressive language of the flamenco, marked by orientalisms and dissonances, and the clear and harmonical melodylines of the classical music. In the interactivity between soloists, choirparts and guitarmusic are these elements unified in an attempt to continue and vary the dramatic tension and lyrical beauty of the flamenco.

  • René Christoffersen – conductor
  • 16 singers
  • Birgitte Mosegaard Pedersen – soprano
  • Thierry Boisdon – cantaor
  • Stephan Jarl – perc.
  • Jens Viggo Fjord – guitar
Requiem Flamenco was performed – supported by The Danish Music Council and the Municipalityes of Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus - in the Church of Our Saviour, Copenhagen, Sankt Knuds Church, Odense and Skt. Pauls Church, Aarhus, in 2002.
There will be a reprise in autumn of 2006.
Scheduled concerts:
29/10, 15 hrs. Hellig Kors Kirke, Nørrebro, Copenhagen
29/10, 19:30, in Jørlunde Kirke, Slangerup, Midseeland
1/11, 19:30, in Skt. Pauls Kirke, Aarhus C
5/11, Ry Kirke, 16 hrs.
5/11, Sct. Mortens Kirke, Randers, 19:30
7/11, 19:30 hrs. in Skelager Kirke, Aarhus N