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Aarhus Stiftstidende 20/12/99, by Henrik Friis

Navidad Flamenca in Musikhuset, Aarhus
    ”Flamenco-Christmas: Encreasing interest for the Navidad Flamenca-project by guitarist from Aarhus.”

    “Flamenco-Christmas music?? And written by a dane?? Yes, that’s wright – and it works out very well. This is the opinion not only of this journalist, but also of the audience this saturday night in Musikhuset Aarhus. This is the fifth year of Jens Viggo Fjord’s Navidad Flamenca, and perhaps the best until now. The crew, that once again is on a mini-tour to the three biggest towns in Denmark, has been fortified with Spanish and French ‘flamencos’ from the capital, and the music has clearly developed comparing to their album from 1997: At first view the compositions by Jens Viggo Fjord seems more solid now, and I think it’s because he has concentrated about the lyrical aspects of this special niche in the flamenco…”

    “Little by little the singing of Pepita Rohde grow stronger and stronger, and so did the eminent singing of her colega, Theirry Boisdon – and it became clear that we were facing a temporary climax when the dancer, La Delgaíta, started her energetic footwork, waving her skirts, doing snaky handmovements in a Christmas-flamenco-dance with lyrics by Federico García Lorca.”

    “In the second part was specially “Pastores” – song about the shepherds – a nice and spicy composition. And while Jens Viggo Fjord and his guitar-mate, Christian Droulon, received deserved ovations for an equilibristic instrumentaltune, was it the singing of Thierry Boisdon and the fireworkfinal “Villancico del Gloria” that raised the atmosfere. Now all the female musicians were dancing, and this gave standing ovations. Pure Feliz Navidad!”

Jyllandsposten, by Ulla Madsen, 17/12/1998:
"Flamenco on the bill"
"The Christmas flamenco concert, performed last night in The Museum of Modern Art, Aarhus, by the Danish/Spanish group, Flamenco Noir, had an international touch. The Spanish dancer in the black dramatic dress used her feets like drumsticks, and made the stagefloor tremble during her temperamental performance, that was marked both by pain and happiness. The opening number, sung by María Scalvini, express the sorrow of the Virgin Mary reflecting on the cruel destiny of her son, and I think that the danes normally don't relate these things. Anyway, later in the program we had feast in Betlehem with flamenco and folk carols too. And it was really emotional when La Delgaíta made the stage tremble of flamenco, I don't hope someone will try to do the same around the Christmastree!"

Aarhus Stiftstidende, by Anna Lindskrog, 22/12/1998:
"Christmasflamenco with Danish spices"
"Spanish Christmas atmosphere in the Musichouse of Aarhus. A smell of incense met the people when they entered the small concerthall of Musikhuset this sonday night, where one of our best guitarists, Jens Viggo Fjord, had invited a group og coleagues to a flamenco Christmasconcert. As a cadeau they had invited the outstanding dancer, La Delgaíta, too, who manage the clasical flamenco with perfection, and with series of quick steps and footwork did she add a very energic dimension the the concert, that together with the musicians' effort, did create the caracteristic energy and intensity of flamenco. The surrounding are also important for a flamenco it was a challenge for the ensemble to create an intimate and warm Christmas - flamenco -atmosphere in the concerthall, but anyhow they succeded with conviction at last."