Nights in Spanish Gardens
Flamenco Noir
Luz y Sombra
Heart Wounded by Five Swords
Nights in Spanish Gardens
Guitarra y Danza
Navidad Flamenca
Requiem Flamenco
Lorca Songs
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Nights in Spanish Gardens is a flamenco fantasy based on music by the Spanish national composer Manuel de Falla (1876-1946) who found inspiration in the flamenco to his earlier orchester- and vocalworks.

Nights in Spanish Gardens is build on thems and fragments from El Amor Brujo, The Threecorned Hat and De Falla Folksongs, and arranged in the flamenco tradition weighting the visual power of the flamencodance and the expressive possibilities of the flamenco-guitarmusic. These fragments forms all together a connected whole expressed in a flamenco way.
  • La Delgaíta – dance
  • María Scalvini – vocal
  • Marius Rasmussen – perc.
  • Niels Dan Andersen – flute
  • Christian Droulon – guitar
  • Jens Viggo fjord – guitar, arrangements