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Heart Wounded by Five Swords
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Flamenco Noir presents in 1998 the concert Heart Wounded by Five Swords - an hommage to the big Spanish poet, Federico García Lorca.

All the lyrics of the show are naturally from this polyfacetic and outstanding andalusian artist and poet, and the music alternates between Spanish compositions and works by JVFjord, either like compositions based on certain poems or flamenco arrangements of the folksongs by García Lorca. Included is also a montage on the bullfighter-epos of García Lorca, "Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías", which intents a more orchestral expression within guitars, electric bass, flute, percussion, singing and dance.
  • Henriette Vedsegaard – dance
  • Pepita Rohde, Thierry Boisdon – vocals
  • Johannes Heil – elec. bass
  • Marius Rasmussen – perc.
  • Santi Ibarreche – flute
  • Christian Droulon – guitar
  • Jens Viggo Fjord - guitar