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article in El Olivo
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The wellknown spanish flamenco magazine "El Olivo" brings in its february issue (no. 147/2007) under "International Flamenco" by Norberto Torres, an article about our concert, which for us means an honnor and a great pleasure ... well, it´s quite seldom that a spanish magazine dedicates some linies about a danish flamencothing or a dane .. ( if it isn't the first time!)


(live at Vega Club, Copenhagen)

Norberto Torres writes:
"In conection to my course "Introduction to the musical estetic of the flamenco music" during the flamenco bienal in Seville in the beginning of september 2006, it was a big satisfaction for me to notice the great interest among foreingers to learn about flamenco".

Among the students were chineese teachers in spanish literature, a cuban concertmanager living in Zurich, a dutch journalist from the flamencomagazine Tablao, and a danish guitarist living in Seville, where he studies flamenco in theory and practically. Jens Viggo - which is the name of our student and friend - gave me an insolid CD: a flamencoversion of clasical spanish and danish-written christmas tunes tittled: "Navidad Flamenca - en Dinamarca" (2004). Jens Viggo counts that the project started in 1995 out from the desire to make a concert with this theme as an alternative to the common english/german/nordic x-mas entertainment, and inspired musically by the "zambomba"-christmas-concerts from Jeréz, and by the records "Así Canta Nuestra Tierra" and "Nochebuena con Camarón y Paco de Lucía". At the beginning the concert was done with the partipation of local aficionados - a singer from Málaga and a dancer born in Seville, and a choir specialised in tjeck gipsymusic. And the concert turned out to be a succes - "perhaps because it was something new, and perhaps the christmas-related things are were popular up there" - and it animated us to continue.
By the time the concert was improved by sustituting the more folcloric tunes by flamencotunes, and by including more professional singers and musicians from Copenhagen and from Sweden. In that conection Jens Viggo would like the mention the singer from Extremadura, Rogelio de Badajoz, living in Stockholm, who became a regular member of Navidad Flamenca.
The repertoire consist in few traditional flamenco christmas carols, as for example Villancico del Gloria and Campanilleros, and in flamencoinspired tunes with refrain, composed by Jens Viggo. Lately they have also included a couple of old nordic carols interpretated in flamenco-style, and working as a kind of brigde for the public, which are not familiar with flamenco. In 2004 the edited the cd, "Navidad Flamenca - en Dinamarca", which - together with Rogelio de Badajoz - counts with the participation of the soloists Eva Durán and Esaú Quirós. The CD got fine critics, and some tunes where included in world music compilations as for example the cd "Big Pictures - World music from Denmark, 2005".
In the effort to renew to show constantly, last year participated the wellknown dancer from Seville, La Marquesita, who, together with her regular guitarist J.M.Tudela, gave a new dimention to the concert, clearly enjoyed and recogniced by the ordiences in both Copenhagen and Stockholm. In 2006 they will participate again in the Navidad Flamenca mini-turné to Finland, Sweden and Denmark."